woodcutters. countable noun. A woodcutter is someone who cuts down trees or who chops wood as their job. Meaning of woodcutter in English. someone whose job is to cut down trees and branches for wood: The woodcutter lived in a hut in a clearing in the forest hatchet. a tool used for cutting wood, consisting of a short wooden handle and a sharp blade. It is similar to a small axe. Mitre saw, Scroll saw, Table saw, Band saw, Circular saw, Reciprocating saw, Scroll Saw, Radial arm, Jig saw and Top tip. You are going to need a good chainsaw, if you want to cut down trees as fast as possible. These are used to cut very thick woods or trees. A thick woods runs along the boundary of the estate. The house is surrounded by woods. He went for a hike in the woods. She hit a wood off the tee Running along the beach, she stumbled on a log and fell on the sand. He hid the coins in a hollow log. We found a huge pile of logs. He sawed the log in half. Cutters are designed to cut materials of different kinds of products such as wires, cables (electrical, coax, multi-strand), wire ropes, fencing, bolts, rods, pre-stressed concrete wires, and strapping. A cutting tool is a pointed tool mounted in a machine tool and used for cutting materials. Lathes and milling machines use different types of cutting tools. Diamonds are sometimes used in cutting tools because its hardness allows it to cut other hard materials.